Sapelo Square is an online information resource that covers Black Muslims in the context of their relationship with Black America, the United States and the global tradition of Islam. Its mission is to challenge their invisibility in media, scholarship, and public policy. Sapelo Square is committed to a nonsectarian approach to Islam and an inclusive vision of what it means to be Black in the United States.

Although the readership is predominantly Black American Muslims, Sapelo Square has reached audiences in the United States and abroad, including readers from across Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. To date, Sapelo Square has received over 245,592 views from readers across 194 countries.


Currently accepting applications

Sacred Writes is now accepting applications from scholars for up to three funded partnerships with Sapelo Square. Preferred expertise is in Islam in America, Black/African American Religion, or Africana Studies. Applicants must have training in religious studies, theology, or related field. This partnership is open to faculty, independent scholars, and doctoral students. Deadline for applications is 10 September 2019.


Each scholar selected for this partnership will produce a research-based article for Sapelo Square’s online platform. This partner is especially interested in stories in the following three areas (but they are open to other pitches as well).

“Black Muslim Women in the American South”

The existence of Muslims within America is often described as both recent and almost exclusively above the Mason-Dixon Line. This article would explore how Black Muslim women have historically utilized storytelling, imagination, culture, and faith practices to create social/political space for themselves within the American South.

“Ready for Revolution”

There are a number of Black Muslim activists who have participated in combatting structural racism (and other forms of oppression) and continue to engage in social justice organizing. This article would focus on these individuals as a way to familiarize readers with the depth of insight gained from sustained activism that spans multiple generations.

“Black American Sufism”

Most scholarship on African American Muslims has focused on matters of race and political life, rather than their intimate religious experiences. This article would illuminate how African American Muslims have adopted Sufism as a strategy for spiritual education and have immersed themselves in the various traditions that encourage inward growth.

Sacred Writes will provide a $1000 stipend for each piece for a total of three pieces. Scholars may apply to write one or more articles for Sapelo Square and it is possible that one scholar would be selected to write more than one piece. The scholar(s) selected for these partnerships will work closely with Sapelo Square’s staff on the framing and editing of the article. Final articles should range between 1000-1200 words. Articles should be completed no later than 5 February 2020.


Please submit the following materials through the online form.

  • A 1-2 page cover letter explaining:

    • which topic you would like to write about

    • how your scholarly expertise can help frame and inform a piece

  • C.V. (include any relevant public scholarship experience)