Building on Northeastern’s distinctive Cooperative Education Program, Sacred Writes funds collaborations between media outlets interested in producing more nuanced content on religion, and scholars committed to communicating more clearly with non-specialists.

These partnerships can take a number of forms, including (but not limited to): journalist/scholar co-reporting; scholars providing research and context for an investigative reporting series; or scholars producing original pieces for the media outlet in their area of expertise. Media outlets will determine the final format of any published pieces -- including written features, podcast episodes, short videos, or infographics.

Sacred Writes develops each partnership opportunity in collaboration with the specific media outlet to ensure a good fit with the outlet's particular needs and voice. We create a distinct application for each collaboration, solicit applications, and advise the media outlet on selecting the scholar best suited to the goals of the partnership. Media outlets may solicit expertise in specific themes (e.g. race, urban development, disability), nation or region (e.g. Middle East, the global South, U.S., Canada), current news trends (e.g. white supremacy, health care reform), or a specific religious tradition (e.g. Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam). Applications can also be thematically open, allowing scholars to pitch a long-form reported piece or a series of pieces drawing on their own expertise. Sacred Writes provides funding for the participating scholar and a flexible stipend payment to the media outlet, to be used as they see fit.

Media outlets interested in hosting a scholar of religion or theology for a short-term media collaboration may contact Principle Investigator Liz Bucar. See our current partnership opportunities here.