Sacred Writes has designed our trainings to address a gap between disciplinary expertise and effective communication strategies. Scholars of religion and theology are in a unique position to provide crucial textual, cultural, and historical context for pressing current issues like healthcare legislation, climate change, and immigration reform. But most of us lack the training to do that sort of public-facing work. Doctoral programs prioritize formal communication that emphasizes scholarly expertise over accessible writing. Institutions seldom reward or recognize tenured and tenure-track scholars for public scholarship. Senior mentors often lack experience in non-academic publishing.

Sacred Writes’ trainings provide scholars with opportunities to acquire skills, identify resources, push disciplinary boundaries, and build communities of accountability and support to produce public scholarship on religion. Topics to be covered include: pitching and writing an op-ed; building a professional brand; using social media to promote and amplify scholarship; collaborating with journalists; cultivating camera-readiness; strategies for communicating with a variety of audiences; and assessing the personal and professional risks of public scholarship.

Training retreats will be held in June 2019, 2020, and 2021. Applicants for 2019 training must hold a PhD in religious studies or theology and be available for the entire session, 16-23 June 2019. Travel, meals, lodging, and a $1,000 stipend will be provided.

Questions about public scholarship trainings may be directed to the Program Director, Megan Goodwin.