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Sacred Writes is deeply committed to amplifying the voices of experts who often go unheard in the public square and to promoting a more nuanced public understanding of religion. As they develop, our media collaborators and training cohorts will share their work in this space. For now, check out the amazing public scholarship on religion our Leadership Team has been doing!

Simran Jeet Singh, “Teaching Islamic Studies in Texas,” RNS

Omid Safi, “The Saint Who Breathed with God,” Be Here Now Network

Amelia Krales for The Goods

Amelia Krales for The Goods

Liz Bucar, “The Problem with ‘Heavenly Bodies’Religion Dispatches

Anthea Butler, “Blackface: Past and Present,” WHYY



Absent an Imam, Domineque Ray’s Execution by Alabama Disenfranchises Muslims,” Religion News Service (13 February 2019)

Blackface: Past and Present,” WHYY (12 February 2019)

Why Sikhs Don’t Throw Muslims under the Bus,” Religion News Service (28 January 2019)

Heavenly Bodies Was the Most Popular Exhibit in the History of the Met: Here’s Why That’s a Problem,” Religion Dispatches (11 January 2019)

What I Learned Teaching Islamic Studies in Texas,” Religion News Service (4 January 2019)

Learned Societies Need Anti-Harassment Policies,” Women in Higher Education (3 January 2019)

Dear Nancy Pelosi: A Hijab Is Not a Hat,” Religion News Service (3 January 2019)


Three things We Can Learn from Contemporary Muslim Women’s Fashion,” The Conversation (5 November 2018)

Who Are the Sikhs and What Are their Beliefs?,” The Conversation (9 August 2018)

Democrats Will Lose In 2018 If They Don’t Shut Up About Civility And Shout About Our Democracy Dying,” NBC Think (15 July 2018)

A Catholic Trifecta of Disgrace: Next Step in Abuse Saga Is Due,” National Catholic Reporter (20 July 2018)

Religion and Its Publics,” The Square (July 2018)

The Border President,” Boston Review (28 June 2018)

Finding Radical Love in Ancient Islamic Poetry,” The State of Things, WUNC (14 June 2018)

Earth to Planet Catholic: Francis Papacy Is No Picnic,” Religion Dispatches (6 June 2018)

Sowing the Seed: An Interview with Dr. Nyasha Junior,” Sowing the Seed (June 2018)

This Woman is Giving a Voice to Muslims in the #MeToo Movement,” Teen Vogue (26 June 2018)

This Ramadan 'Believers Bail Out' Wants Muslims to Address Prison Abolition,” Teen Vogue (11 June 2018)

Trump Pardons the Hammonds, Arsonists Who Inspired Bundy Standoff,” Rewire.News (11 July 2018)

Thoughts from The Lorraine Motel on the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King's Death,” Duke Today (5 April 2018)

The Gender Politics of White Supremacy,” Women in Higher Education (4 April 2018)

Does Religious Freedom Favor Some Religions Over Others?” U.S. Catholic (31 January 2018)

Sikh Professor and Activist Talks Racism, Running, and His Faith,” Congregation, Huffington Post (6 January 2018)



When The Church’s LGBTIQ Loss Is the World’s Gain,” Religion Dispatches (21 December 2017)

The Formation of ‘Religio-Racial’ Identity,” AAS21 (Princeton, 14 December 2017)

The Cheap Prosperity Gospel of Trump and Osteen,” New York Times (30 August 2017)

Sarsour Struggle For Justice: It Is Our Duty To Think Harder Or Sit Down,” The (7 August 2017)

4 Lessons from My First Time Doing Civil Disobedience,” Auburn (28 July 2017)

To Celebrate Father’s Day I’m Supporting the National Bail Out,” Auburn (17 June 2017)

The Artifacts of White Supremacy,” Religion and Culture Forum (14 June 2017)

Theorizing Religion in the Age of Trump,” Equinox Pub (16 May 2017)

Trump’s Immigration Order Means Bureaucrats Have to Decide Who’s a ‘Real’ Christian,” Washington Post (8 February 2017)

A Sample Letter to Send to Your Muslim Neighbors,” Huffington Post (27 January 2017)

Religion on Display at the National Museum of African American History and Culture,” Sacred Matters (3 January 2017)



Academics Are Under Attack. Conservatives Are Trying To Undermine Free Speech,” The Guardian (2 December 2016)

Breaking Silence on Abortion And Faith,” Auburn (18 November 2016)

White Collar Supremacy,” New York Times (25 November 2016)


2015 & earlier

Planning for Healing as Others Plan for Destruction,” Religion and Ethics Weekly, PBS (25 November 2015)

Black Church Taught Me How to Be Black,” Buzzfeed (23 June 2015)

Why Some Black Women Don't Call Themselves Feminists,” Washington Post (24 February 2015)

Post-Racial America? The Tangle of Race, Religion, and Citizenship,” Religion & Politics (24 October 2012)